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Grove Gardens at East Lake

Grove Gardens at East Lake is a 70-unit affordable housing community serving seniors (aged 55 and older) and located on Glenwood Avenue adjacent to The Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church.  In addition to addressing the critical need for affordable rental housing in the area, the community will be co-located with The Grove Farm, which is a fully functioning and federally designated urban farm that was created to increase access to fresh produce for low-income members of the broader community.  Coupled with the food pantry adjacent to the site, which is operated by The Greater Piney Grove Community Development, Inc. and serves over 5,000 residents with over 80,000 pounds of food annually, the development will set a new standard in the State of Georgia for linking affordable housing with healthy food options for low-income seniors.

In addition, a unique partnership has been established between Georgia Communities, Inc., the non-profit housing developer, and The Greater Piney Grove Community Development, to leverage the investment strategically in order to multiply the benefits for the broader community.  Georgia Communities, Inc., through its Community Catalyst grant program, will be donating $50,000 to advance community development initiatives in the immediate area.  In addition, it will set aside another $50,000 as a matching grant to help spur additional investment from community partners.  In turn, The Greater Piney Grove Community Development, which has a 20+ year track record of serving the community, will help establish a community-centered planning process to establish the priority projects to be funded through the Community Catalyst program.

​​*** Placement on the waiting list is now available!*** Please contact Grove Gardens at East Lake directly at (404) 377-2388 or at to be placed on the waiting list for a housing application.

Please note: The Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church or The Grove CDC CAN NOT secure housing for anyone! You MUST contact Fairway Management Co. directly for housing at the information listed above!

Please review our Community Transformation Plan for developing the Terry Mill Community -

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